Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dr. Z: Awesome commercial or strange German Man?

The new ads by Diamler-Chrysler are, well, odd.

I get that they want you to convey that the German Engineering has bettered the American-made cars/trucks.... but is that really in line with the branding efforts of some of their lines? Dodge for example is very much about power and has a very rugged brand image (grab life by the horns) which doesn't really mix with the charming but uppity Mr. Z. Don't get me wrong. I think Dr. Z is a cool guy, especially since he is the chairman of the company. But no middle-america trailer trash is going to be woo-ed by the stuck-up German.

Even if you could convince someone that the German connection was a good idea and the commercials were different enough from v-dub, is that direction going to alienate the people that already buying your product. They have a commercial with a redneck director yelling at our dear friend Dr. Z hwo is messing up another line. It's just too forced. The only way this scene works is if you replace Dr. Z with Dr. I need another beer because I wrecked my truck, my dog died, and my wife left me.

Chrysler is too weak of a company to be having an identity crisis.

Monday, August 07, 2006

FX: A Crafty Network?

FX is doing something brilliant - I think. Otherwise, it is I who is brilliant.

About a week ago, I discovered the show 30 Days was a free iTunes download, and being a free iTunes download junkie, I watched it and concluded it was an interesting show. Not something I would probably purchase for $1.99 a piece, but something I would set TiVO to record and watch at my leisure.

So, I set the TiVO and checked for upcoming episodes. They were infrequent. Strange, for a new show, I thought. Many of the commercials I'd seen promoted episodes of the show that were not set to air, apparently, for several weeks. Forward thinking, I think.

Then last night, I was watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia, also on FX, and a commercial came on telling me, nay, teaching me, about the first season DVDs of 30 Days, which are available for purchase.

First, I thought that FX was being tricky and innovative. They launch the show on iTunes with a free download. Then, the shows start to play on FX at the announced time slot, and commercial promotion hypes the forthcoming episodes. BUT if you don't want to wait every other week for a new show, conveniently, you can already purchase a full DVD of the current season. No waiting week after week; no cursing TiVO for cutting off the last important 3 minutes, and most importantly, instant gratification, something people will often pay dearly for.

But apparently, it is I who is brilliant, as a quick check on EPGuides (a great place to get episode titles and air dates without worry of confronting "spoilers") tells me that we are actually in Season 2 of this show, which airs only 6 episodes per season. This explains the infrequent showings and the DVD promotion of Season 1. Huh. Not so out of theordinary afterall.

But I think I'm on to something. Make a series, every episode, give 'em the first taste for free and watch as they come running back for more. Or is that crack?... Either way, a good strategy, yes?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Some Inspiration

Jen was talking today that we need to form and audience for our blog, but before we did, we needed to get more content on here. So, here is our inspiration. Ah... look what a dilligent little blogger we have here.


Oh To Work at

Copywriter/Editor - Thu, Aug 3, 2006 at 8:06 PM
Thank you for your interest in opportunities with NBC Universal. Unfortunately, Copywriter/Editor - position has been put on hold at this time. It is unknown when this position will become active again. Should there be an interest at that time, you will be contacted.

We encourage you to continue to visit our website.

We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of your career objectives.


NBC Universal Staffing CoE

Episodes of Office Life

Our heroine is seated at her desk, checking email and listening to music. Two large stacks of files sit untouched on her desk from Boss #1. This is her project for the day. It should take her "awhile." She makes her tea. She eats some oatmeal. Enter Boss #2.

In all seriousness, he says, "Could you do me a quick favor? I know you're busy with the files..."

"Yes, very busy, I say." Humor, sarcasm remain lost.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mike's in the closet.

Well, it seems as though someone is in denial. The new Mike's Hard Lemoade commericals are promoting the brand and their new drink-- the Mike-arita. The worst. The ads show girls trying out to be the spokesperon that are breast size z and wearing very little clothing. The ads try to be hip and tries to be witty-you know let's have sasquash try out, won't that be funny. This is a horrible ad and let me tell you why.

One. Mike. You're gay. You are trying to hard to be straight. As my good friend Willie says in the cover song "Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other" : "Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he does with his women,
But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer." Give it up Mike. Don't try to advertise to younger guys. They don't like you because you are gay. I know it's sad they can't accept you the way you are, but that's how society is these days. Stick with the women and gays. Nothing bad about the gays here, just that they are the ones are most likely to drink "Mike-aritas". More power to them (or in British, fair play to the gays).

Second. When you try to be witty, you suck at being witty. The ads are obviously written by some washed-up copywriter (or younger dude that thought it up while high) that is trying to relive his past by writing these edgy ads. Get over the fact that you are old and stop making me watch these ads.

Third. The ad shows older and younger mexicans dancing in the street enjoying their libations. No way in hell you got a mexican- who grew up in the best tequila producing country in the world- to drink whatever mix a malt liquor company came up with that supposedly tastes like tequila.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A proper introduction

I was going to ask Luke and Colleen if there should be some sort of introduction to this blog - something explaining how and where we met, the adventures we've been on since then, and the goals we're aspiring to. But then I thought maybe some lofty criteria and standards for this blog might start this off on the wrong foot anyhow.

Then I came across this list and thought, no... this. This is the way to go.

According to, these are the top 20 worst jobs for women. There are a few I wouldn't have thought of myself, a few I would add to the list, and a few I would argue wouldn't be a bad way to pass the time.

1 Blue Cheese Factory Labourer
2 Bikini Waxer
3 Poultry Processor
4 Hospital Clean up Crew
5 Day Care Centre Teacher
6 Crime Scene Cleaner
7 Sewing Machine Operator
8 Commercial Laundry Worker
9 Street Prostitute
10 Elevator Operator
11 Highway Toll Collector
12 Home Shopping Network Customer Testimonial
13 Mortician
14 Veterinarian
15 Chinese Restaurant Cook
16 Slaughterhouse Employee -
17 Maid
18 High School Guidance Counsellors
19 Terrorist Negotiators
20 Mosquito Researcher

Worst jobs for men:
1 Royal Executioner
2 Violin String Maker
3 Tanner
4 Guillermot Egg Collector
5 Iron harvester
6 Biblical Prophet
7 Inland Navigators
8 Lime kiln operator
9 Urine Collector
10 Groom of the Stool
11 Wattle and Daub Construction Expert
12 Charcoal Maker
13 Thief
14 Galley Slave
15 Viking warrior
16 Monk
17 Gravedigger
18 Eunuch
19 Circus Freak
20 Gong Farmer
better than a dry run
Here it is folks. Run free.