Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A proper introduction

I was going to ask Luke and Colleen if there should be some sort of introduction to this blog - something explaining how and where we met, the adventures we've been on since then, and the goals we're aspiring to. But then I thought maybe some lofty criteria and standards for this blog might start this off on the wrong foot anyhow.

Then I came across this list and thought, no... this. This is the way to go.

According to, these are the top 20 worst jobs for women. There are a few I wouldn't have thought of myself, a few I would add to the list, and a few I would argue wouldn't be a bad way to pass the time.

1 Blue Cheese Factory Labourer
2 Bikini Waxer
3 Poultry Processor
4 Hospital Clean up Crew
5 Day Care Centre Teacher
6 Crime Scene Cleaner
7 Sewing Machine Operator
8 Commercial Laundry Worker
9 Street Prostitute
10 Elevator Operator
11 Highway Toll Collector
12 Home Shopping Network Customer Testimonial
13 Mortician
14 Veterinarian
15 Chinese Restaurant Cook
16 Slaughterhouse Employee -
17 Maid
18 High School Guidance Counsellors
19 Terrorist Negotiators
20 Mosquito Researcher

Worst jobs for men:
1 Royal Executioner
2 Violin String Maker
3 Tanner
4 Guillermot Egg Collector
5 Iron harvester
6 Biblical Prophet
7 Inland Navigators
8 Lime kiln operator
9 Urine Collector
10 Groom of the Stool
11 Wattle and Daub Construction Expert
12 Charcoal Maker
13 Thief
14 Galley Slave
15 Viking warrior
16 Monk
17 Gravedigger
18 Eunuch
19 Circus Freak
20 Gong Farmer


Colleen said...

I don't know what they're talking about. I would love to work at a blue cheese factory, mainly for the employee discount. I buy a lot of blue cheese. Moldier the better, I says.

I bet you'd smell rank though, and that's why it made the list. They best not be hatin' on the blue.

lgibson said...

Come on guys. This is just poor form. While I understand how being a whore would probably suck and that I would not want to be a person who takes care of our sewer system, the list just misses some big ones.

The research and creativity just is not there. What about Kristie Alley's Dietician. I would be scared of death by Kristie Alley's stomach everyday I went to work. Or Donald Trump's hardresser. No sir, I would rather take money at a toll booth on the highway then get blamed for that pile of crap that sits atop Trumps head.

Really--- Maid is the best you can come up with.

Dissapointing at best.