Monday, October 08, 2007


Well, Jen starting writing in a blog again and while we do not know how long she will keep up with it, it has inspired me to start blogging again, so please blame her. And Colleen, who keeps up with her blog. Oh, and my strong desire not to do work and the fact that they are doing construction on my balcony, causing them to put a tarp over my windows, which has cast a blue eerie glow in my crap apartment, causing it to be transformed into a creepy set from the X-files, making me hide in my room. Keep up.

So with that being said, I have henceforth hijacked the The Queen's Arms and hope to post on it.. lets say at least bi-monthly. I think that is a reasonable goal, and one that I will surely fall short of given time.

The reason for blogging? The futile hope that writing for fun will allow me to enjoy writing for work-purposes more. Class started again and I am taking portfolio development for, well, the third time. Not because I failed it twice, but because I have taken it in undergrad and now port dev I and port dev II on the grad level. Yeah I have grown pretty tired of the class. And when I have to be creative all day at work and then come home and do it for class, burnout gets close and wine consumption goes way up, which my liver and wallet are opposed to. Hopefully with the new job, which should be effective at the end of October, I will have more time to enjoy writing again. Oh the poor, troubled life of a burnt-out creative whose career hasn't even started yet. Wah.