Thursday, February 28, 2008

Every Second, Brain Cells Die.

This is by far the oddest, catchiest, funniest, worst/best PSA I have ever seen. It is supposed to teach people the early warning signs of stroke and how important it is to get help quick. Pretty noble a quest, indeed.

What we got was a cartoon that just makes the inner kid chuckle. Whether its the guys face drooping or the horrible rhyming, I can't help but laugh [funniest- check]. That laughter, however is shadowed a bit when you think about how creepily chipper the characters are and how upbeat the song is. [odd- check]

But the larger question is how did this get passed? I mean who signed off on this and thought, yeah this is the right way to teach people about the early warning signs of stroke. Cartoons? Upbeat about a serious issue? Elementary production? A fucking jingle? None of it, theoretically or strategically works. [worst- check]

Yet, what happens is they do such a horrible job at producing this commercial, it becomes funny enough that people pay attention to it. Read the comments under it on YouTube. People saying that they were looking for the commercial because they loved it so much. A friend ripped the song from the commercial to my iPod [catchiest- check]. It's hysterical, but I do know the warning signs of the stroke. Give it a week, you will too. [best- check]

Well. Enjoy...

does it droop when you ask him to smile???.....

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