Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just look to the heavens, and then buy some beer.

Well, when you run out of things to exploit on Earth, I guess the next logical place to go is the moon.

We can't move there yet and create our very own Jetsonian society, but Rolling Rock is going to project its logo on the moon during the next full moon come March 21. Moonvertising, the way of the future.

Where to begin with this one. First, from what is flying around the internet, it's a hoax. No laser is strong enough to put an image on the moon, not to mention numerous other factors that makes this currently impossible. A nice PR stunt, either way. It has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of word of mouth just discussing the advertising before it is even happening. It's a nice tounge-in-cheek campaign.

It's a creative idea and guess someone had to do it sometime. If society is going to accept anyone defacing the moon, beer seems like a logical choice. I think its going to be fairly easy to get a bunch of drunks to stare at a logo on the moon. But why Rolling Rock? Sure, the moon is a large, rolling rock, but this style seems more consistent with the branding of RR's other green-bottled competitor- Heineken.

I love the idea of projecting things on the moon, but RR seemed to stop the creativity there. They are relying solely on the publicity of projecting on image on the moon to sell there product. Very much to their credit, the cross-platform thinking is there. The Web site allows visitors to see the videos on the background of the project, write their own messages on a virtual moon, and see a calendar listing of full moon parties for that night. Kudos, kids.

But other than name recognition, what is RR gaining? I could not even tell you their current tagline or, really, a solid brand positioning for RR. Given that, RR can only exploit the publicity of the event and not their own USP or branding. From what I can tell, RR already has brand recognition, but perhaps not the brand affinity that competitors have. This latest stunt will only help the former. There is no tie-in back to their brand. Yet, even with that potential set-back, the publicity of the event should still be enough to throw this latest stab-in-the-dark advertising attempt into the success column.

Given this, I am not as interested in this initial test run of advertising on the moon (which is undoubtedly cool), but more interested in seeing where moonvertising goes from here as a medium. There is creativity beyond just using the moon as a medium that has yet to be discovered.

One last thing. Moonvertising? That's what you went with. All the creativity that went into coming up with this project and you call it an obvious moonvertising? From a creative stand-point, bit of a let down there.

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HelloMyNamesJen said...

Rather than projecting their logo, Rolling Rock should consider blacking out part of the moon into a beer bottle. You know, like "the Signal." It might indicate, for example, that its time for another beer. Cheers, man. Cheers. The cool kids project the signal.