Friday, May 02, 2008

Chocolate-coated, Freaky and Habit Forming

Well, it's about time I posted something on here that I like. This one comes from the merry land of England and was pointed out to me by Jen (spot on, Jen, spot on).

Short and simple, this is a great ad. First, the premise of commercial is hilarious. Who doesn't want to see a gorilla rocking out to Phil Collins. But going beyond that, the commercial does a great job of dragging you in. The first time you watch it, you want to keep watching it just to see what it is for. The fact that it is Cadbury may furrow a few brows, but the commercials fit the tagline a glass and a half of joy. They found a great, unexpected way to sell you on that line. Well played Cadbury.

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HelloMyNamesJen said...

Well. I would post if I could, but I can't. Someone's an idiot and forgot their password, and can't access the email address she registered with.

Luke, if you like the Cadbury commercial, you gotta check this one out too:

Also, I might've already shown you this but I bet our throngs of readers haven't seen it.

Thanks for adding the picture, btw!